Diablo Sauce for Roasted Chicken


Two red bell peppers (deseeded and boiled)
1-2 t McCormick Italian Herb seasoning

Mix in blender.  The peppers can be charred-roasted also, but I found it tasted almost as good by boiling the peppers.

This is similar to the sauce that is served at Romanos Macaroni  Grill and served with roasted chicken.
It is yummy!

Diabo means devil and you can give this salsa some pica by adding cayenne or a hot pepper.

— to roast the chicken, sprinkle with onion powder and salt (or your preferred seasonings). 

Line your pan with foil (saves cleaning work) and bake uncovered at 400 for one hour — 20 minutes with skin side up, then turn over for 20, then back to skin-side up for 20.

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