Mexican Rice (with Rotel or Tomato Paste)

1 cup rice (basmati or jasmine)
½ cup onion, diced or chopped
1 1/4 — 1  1/2 cup water (depending on how soft you like your rice)**
1 can mild Rotel, drained, or  2 T  tomato paste*
½ t salt
½ t onion powder
½ t cumin
¼ – 1/2  t dried minced garlic
Toast rice in 1 T of oil til light brown, on med-hi stove.  Watch the toasting carefully or it will burn easily.

 Remove from burner and add onions, spices, water and rotel/paste (stir well if using paste). 
Bring to a boil.   Stir and  Cover.  Do not lift lid.
Simmer on low for  20 minutes.  
Remove the lid, stir and toss the rice, especially well from the bottom.  Re-cover til ready to serve. 
Rice can be frozen, and then thawed at room temp.  Serve  with  beans, chicken, peas, and/or salsa. 

*Rice will have redder color if using paste.
**I use 1 1/4 cups water because the rice continues steaming/cooking after its removed from the flame.


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