Potato Salad for Many

salad potato

Ten pounds of taters can feed alot of people  — maybe 30 or 40, depending on appetites. 


1 large (30 oz)  jar of lite mayo or Whip salad dressing

2 cups of peas

3 t salt

4 T of roasted red peppers (pimento in a jar)

5 T of sweet pickle relish

6 green onions, finely diced

7 sticks of celery

8 hardboiled eggs (or two more for garnishing)

9 pimento olives, halved

10 pounds of potatoes  (cooked and cut into chunks)


Cook the potatoes, chop and add salt.  Toss the rest of the ingredients with the  potatoes except dressing and olives.  Add dressing and then garnish with olives and/or extra hard-boiled eggs.

Cover and chill overnight for best flavor.

This dressing differs from the twenty pound salad in that it has sweet pickle relish in place of sugar.


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