Malibu Mojitos


2 oz of Malibu coconut rum-liquor
2  lime wedges, cut thin
3 mint leaves
3 oz of water
2 t of sugar

Muddle the mint in a mortar/pestle.
Add one of the lime wedges and muddle.
In a glass, mix water with sugar and then rum.
Add the lime-mint muddle.
Pour over ice.
Garnish with another lime wedge.


Manuel, a wedding caterer/bartender, taught me how to make mojitos this year.  


Making a Margarita


  How to  Make a Margarita


Rub copa rim with lime wedge

Dip copa into salt

Drop lime wedge into copa

Add ice

Add Tequila and Triple Sec

Pour limonada & Stir

Enjoy every sip ~



Triple Sec can be purchased in alcoholic and non-alcoholic brands.  I used the latter.  I recommend one capful or two.

Cut limes in quarters or eighths.

Tequila brands and types are many.  I used a quality silver tequila.  

A copa is a goblet.












My limonada is consumed by my family with much gratitude when they arrive hot and thirsty.  They claim that no one makes better.  There is not much of a secret to making the traditional limonada that I once drank in my youth in the plaza of old Mexico.   One must use room temperature water (or warm) when mixing this delicious citrus beverage but after mixing, it must be served well-chilled, preferably refrigerated overnight. 

 When I look back at my childhood this is one of the treats that I want to always recollect.  The tall slender glass with a paper straw made the drink seem a special beverage of tart goodness.  When I traveled to Spain I was happy to discover the glasses again. 

A margarita can also be made with this limeade by adding tequila reposado, a dash of triple sec and some crushed ice.   Salt on the rim is optional.


8 medium limes

1 1/2 – 2 cups of sugar

1/2 gal of water

Squeeze the limes and combine the juice with the sugar at the bottom of the pitcher with a tall spoon or wire whip.   Add a little water to help stir it well.   Finish filling up the pitcher with the rest of the water. 

Chill overnight.    

More sugar can be added if you prefer a sweeter drink.  It can be served with or without ice. 

Pour with a smile and deliver with an extended loving hand.

Berry Sangria

1  12 oz bag of frozen fruit

1 32 oz bottle of blood orange soda*

1 bottle of moscato  (or your favorite white wine)

Pour fruit into clear pitcher.  Cover with soda.  Serve half a glass of sangria and top with half moscato.  Garnish with some of the fruit.

* a sparkly water (with low sodium) and a red juice can be combined and substituted for the blood orange soda.


~~ Recipe 2 of Berry Sangria

1 bag of frozen berries

1 bottle of cabernet

4 cups of fresh squeezed orange juice