Crockpot Mango Meatballs


2 lbs of ground turkey

1 bundle of green onions, diced

1 t minced dried garlic

1/2 t sea salt

1 bottle of mango coconut pepper sauce*


Add onions and spices to turkey.  Form into 30 balls.  Brown in a bit of oil.  Set crock pot to high to get the surface hot. Turn temp to low.  Place half the balls into crockpot and pour half the sauce on top.  Repeat.  

Cook for two hours,  Stir after one hour and move the lid sideways for the last hour.

Garnish with cilantro. Serve with your favorite rice dish.  I make a white rice with peppers and onions to add more veggies to the meal…which I will post soon.


  • The mango sauce I use is the mango coconut pepper sauce in a bottle made by the Tropical Pepper Co,  but any sauce can be substituted.  I particularly like this one because it is slightly piquant and slightly sweet.



Mole, an all natural sauce for poultry

Chicken Mole

1 T oil
1 t onion powder or 1 sm onion, diced
2 garlic cloves, minced, or 1 t dried minced
½ c golden raisins
1 T  cocoa powder
2 T peanut butter

4 t mild chili powder 

1/4 t salt

½ t cinnamon

1 t ground anise and cloves, each

 1 cup water and chicken broth  (each)
four chicken breasts, cooked

Saute the onions and garlic in the oil.  Stir in the other ingredients, broth and water.  Simmer, covered, until the flavors are blended, about 15 minutes.  Stir occasionally.  Puree in blender.    

Add to cooked chicken in large pan, adding water as needed, and simmer until chicken is well coated and thickened.  Stir occasionally.