Family Favorites

~  Grilled salmon, jasmine rice and veggies

~  chicken salad on croissant

~  fajitas with rice,  pico de gallo and crockpot borracho beans

 ~  brisket, potato salad and beans

 ~  tostadas with white beans, cheese dip, meat, and guac

~   taco bar

~  cashew  chicken

~   chorizo and beans/potatoes/eggs breakfast tacos

~   Favorite pizza, with salad and fruit

~   Crockpot Ziti, salad and cobbler

~   Cumin chicken in white gravy

~   Southwest chicken or fried chicken salads,  w/guac & chips

~   burgers w/potato salad, fruit salad, corn relish and chips

 ~  taco soup or chili

~   chicken quesadillas 

~  succotash:   green beans, baby lima beans and corn



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