Party Menus

Spring Party:  Sandwiches (Turkey and White American Cheddar on croissants,  Colby jack cheese and whipped butter on rolls, Chicken salad on rolls); Olives and pickles tray; Russian Cream; Chips:  vegetable and potato; Fruit Salad w/ cherry cream cheese dip;  Fiesta potato  salad; Broccoli salad; Lime-ade (1 lime per 8 oz, per person) Sodas, Tea; Dessert:  cake, cookies

Menu  2011:  mexicorn relish, salsa/cheese/guacamole – chips, salami folds, 7 lyr dip, queso flameado, brie and jam, olives, brownies, cookies, fruitcake cookies, strawberry kiwi salad.

Shower Menu:  Chicken salad (lettuce, grilled chicken, panela cheese, kalamata olives, red onions, almonds, and mandarins) served w/mandarin dressing.  Bolillo rolls  & whipped butter.   Brides cake.

Menu 2012:  chicken strips; queso blanco dip;  sausage , cheese &crackers; green and red veg tray (cukes, broccoli, tomatoes, & red bell peppers); fruit salad ; Kaiser roll sandwiches (pimento cheese & cucumber on chive cream cheese); corn relish w/chips.

Menu 2013:  croissant w/spinach havarti slices and turkey; asparagus wrapped in salama w/cream cheese filling; fruit salad (pineapple,  papaya, strawberries, grapes, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, kiwi); brie and lingonberry jam served with water crackers; Corn relish n chips; Chicken strips w/honey mustard dressing.  Desserts (brownies, cheesecake soufflé,  New York cheesecake, ecclefechan tarts).

Mexican Menu:  tamales; beans, rice, guacamole, chips,  salsa,   rosca de reyes, tea and lemonade.


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