8 cups masa harina
4 level t salt
2 t onion powder
 4 T chili ancho puree (cook peppers and puree in blender)
2 c oil

1 c hot chicken broth (no salt)

Hot water


2 pkgs of husks — washed, soaked, and prepared. 
4 lbs meat, salted, cooked, and shredded
1 pkg (six) of dried ancho peppers, cooked and pureed (or chili powder); save juice
4 t chopped  garlic
4 t cumin
4 t salt
Add  oil to pan and cook the meat with spices.  Add pepper juice and water as needed. 
 Make masa balls into oval shapes.  Place  on corn husk; cover with wax paper and squeeze in tortilla press.
After filling, stack in lined (with husks).   First, place a heavy object in the middle to stand them.  Cover with a dishtowel and pour hot water over them (level about 1/2 the height of the tamales).  Bring to a boil.  Cook on medium -low heat for 45 minutes.  
Makes 6 doz.   

OTHER FILLING:  chicken with mexicorn and sauteed red bell peppers. 

or this variation: makes four dozen.


6 cups of masa harina

2 level t of salt

1 t onion powder

1 c safflower oil  

2 cups hot chicken broth (low salt)

4 cups hot water



Optional Filling:  Shredded beef ( roast or stew),   cilantro and sauteed onions.  jalapeno slices, optional.