What to Feed A Crowd?



Hello, Fellow Foodies, I need ideas on what to feed a crowd.

 Other than grilling salmon, burgers and steaks, which are easy to prepare,  I am lost on what else to feed my large and ever-growing family when we meet for holidays.   There are nine of us and we are a happy bunch but the wrong diet makes for not so happy bellies.

 They are a gracious group but they also prefer healthy and well-balanced meals that aren’t too fatty so no possibility of a fish fry at our house.  

 Below I list the dishes I have prepared that seemed to please them in case you too are looking for ideas:

  ~ taco or tostada bar

~ chili on fritos, tamales, salad, or hot dogs (wasn’t too big of a hit)

~ crock-pot roast beef and taters

 The usual pasta casseroles arent too popular as most of them are watching their carbs — and pasta is very high in carbs.

 Any suggestions are highly appreciated.  Thank you!  And my family thanks you, too!  🙂