Tortillas de Tonia, Para Ti


2 cups bread flour
2 T stick butter, room temp soft 
1/8th – 1 t   salt *
½ – 3/4 c very warm milk (I used  soy)
Combine flour and salt,  and twist in butter with fingers until well crumbled.   Add some milk, working in slowly to reach the right amount of dough consistency, mixing well with a fork or by hand.  Knead until dough is pliable. 
Place in a bowl and let sit for 15 minutes in the microwave.
Make the testales (buns) (about six) and let sit again in the microwave for 15 on a plate.  (they can sit for several hours or overnight in the frig, covered with plastic.)
Meanwhile, heat a cast iron griddle or skillet to  med/med-low heat.  Bake each side about 1 minute  or until the underside is bubbly and has brown freckles.   (this part is tricky.  Heat must be hot but not too hot.  If they are too long in browning and puffing, heat is too low)  
Lay inside tea towel as they are done.  After they are cool, wrap in towel, place in plastic bag and refrigerate.  Or enjoy immediately.

 *the salt level will depend on your tastes and the amount of salt in your butter.