Meat-filled Tamales



4 lbs of maseca 

8  level tsp salt

3 cups of oil

juice from peppers



6  lbs meat, cooked with salt, and shredded (beef, pork or chicken)

4 oz dried, ancho peppers,  cleaned and cooked (save juice)

4 tsp chopped garlic

4 tsp cumin powder

4 oz of chili powder (for more color if needed)

2-3 t salt

 Blend cooked peppers with 2 cups of  pepper juice or water and seasonings. Save extra juice for masa.

Add 4 T oil to dutch oven and cook the meat with the peppers and  seasonings.  Add water as needed to prevent sticking.  Cook at med for 15 minutes; then med low for 30.


Husks – 2 packages – must be soaked overnight to be pliable.  Clean and cut the next day.  Save extra pieces for lining the pot.


Mix maseca, warm water, salt, oil and some pepper juice to make dough.  Keep moist by covering bowl with a cloth.  Spread dough onto each husk.  Fill, roll  and tuck under the end. 


Steam tamales by standing them with a prop in the center of the soup pot.  Stand with open side up.  Cover with a light towel.  Pour  hot water over the towel to where the level is about 1/3rd  the height of tamales.   Bring to a boil.  Lower heat to med/med-low for 25 minutes…then med-low for 20  minutes.  They are done if husk removes easily  from the dough.


Makes about 10 dozen.




8 cups masa harina
4 level t salt
2 t onion powder
 4 T chili ancho puree (cook peppers and puree in blender)
2 c oil

1 c hot chicken broth (no salt)

Hot water


2 pkgs of husks — washed, soaked, and prepared. 
4 lbs meat, salted, cooked, and shredded
1 pkg (six) of dried ancho peppers, cooked and pureed (or chili powder); save juice
4 t chopped  garlic
4 t cumin
4 t salt
Add  oil to pan and cook the meat with spices.  Add pepper juice and water as needed. 
 Make masa balls into oval shapes.  Place  on corn husk; cover with wax paper and squeeze in tortilla press.
After filling, stack in lined (with husks).   First, place a heavy object in the middle to stand them.  Cover with a dishtowel and pour hot water over them (level about 1/2 the height of the tamales).  Bring to a boil.  Cook on medium -low heat for 45 minutes.  
Makes 6 doz.   

OTHER FILLING:  chicken with mexicorn and sauteed red bell peppers. 

or this variation: makes four dozen.


6 cups of masa harina

2 level t of salt

1 t onion powder

1 c safflower oil  

2 cups hot chicken broth (low salt)

4 cups hot water



Optional Filling:  Shredded beef ( roast or stew),   cilantro and sauteed onions.  jalapeno slices, optional.