Temptation Tacos


Steak tacos:  grilled steak, horseradish and avocado.

Sushi tacos:  sticky rice, seaweed and crabmeat, sprinkled with cayenne and sesame seeds.

Tostada tacos:  a corn tostada folded in half and inserted into flour tortilla.

Gringo tacos:   turkey lunchmeat,  avocado and  cheddar.

Tater Tot Tacos:  tots, fried fish and ketchup or coconut-mango relish

Relleno Tacos:  a chili relleno stuffed in a tortilla

Weiner tacos:  relish, mustard, sausage or dogs.

Royal tacos:   roast beef and bangers.

Picnic tacos:  baked beans and weiners

Thanksgiving tacos:  green bean casserole and turkey.

Corn relish tacos:  corn, pintos, onions, cilantro, lime juice, tomatoes.

Sausage dip tacos:  sausage and refried pintos,  topped with cheddar.

Enchilada tacos:  chili, fritos, mozarella, and green onions.

Desperate tacos:   whatever leftovers are in the fridge.

Fee fi fo fum tacos:  pork skins  (aka chicharones), eggs and salsa.

Porky tacos:  baked ham and taters.

Vegetarian tacos: tomatoes, asparagus, cream cheese and pesto.

Latke tacos:  latkes, fried egg and green salsa.

Cowboy tacos:  beef stew, raw onions and peppers.

Guac tacos:   guacamole, salsa and  cabbage.

Southern tacos:  fried chicken and cole slaw.

Seafood tacos:  salmon or calamari and mango-onion relish.

English tacos:  corned beef, sweet onion gravy and cooked cabbage.

Burger tacos:  ground meat patties shaped into half-moons, potato chips and condiments.

JP tacos:  mashed beans, rice, havarti, and tortilla chips.


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