Emergency Planning

Personal Preparation: 

 Pack personal papers (passports, wills, birth certificates) in secure waterproof bag.  Cash, meds, electronics,  backup drive/chargers in secure bag. 

Supplies:  water, gas in the car, batteries, candles, portable devices (radios, fans), first aid kit.

Tools:  rope, ax, saw, knife, flashlights, battery-run fans

Other:  have a designated meeting place, point of contact, and emergency phone numbers.


Emergency items needed when fleeing:

Waterproof backpack or duffel bag

 – light jacket and small blanket

– meds and first aid kit

– cell phone, charger and external battery

– money,  checks, wallet in plastic bag

– important papers in a plastic bag

– flashlight, matches

– battery operated radio

– regional map

– personal hygiene items

– water and energy bars

~~  Foods that don’t require cooking or refrigeration:  beef jerky, seafood pouches,  food bars,  boost drinks,  bread,  crackers, chips, fruit, butter, jam, nut butter, mayo packets, nuts.



About Generators:

  • Only use a generator outside
  • Keep away from vents and windows
  • Let it cool before refuel
  • Make sure to install carbon monoxide alarms in your home
  • store generator fuel in a safe place and avoid storing it in living areas.

Avoid standing flood water.  flood water may be electrically charged or might hide dangerous debris or places where the ground is washed away.  Turn off main power if building has water indoors. 

Be sure to Photograph storm damage.