Malibu Mojitos


2 oz of Malibu coconut rum-liquor
2  lime wedges, cut thin
3 mint leaves
3 oz of water
2 t of sugar

Muddle the mint in a mortar/pestle.
Add one of the lime wedges and muddle.
In a glass, mix water with sugar and then rum.
Add the lime-mint muddle.
Pour over ice.
Garnish with another lime wedge.


Manuel, a wedding caterer/bartender, taught me how to make mojitos this year.  


Eating During Power Outages


What to eat when the power goes out?

After the recent hurricanes  I want to plan better for surviving with limited access to comestibles and to remember which are the best non-perishable foods to keep in the pantry should cooking power go out again.

It doesn’t bode well for my family that I only took one year of girl scouts. All I learned was how to make  beef stew.   I don’t think I would be a good survivalist which is why I am wanting to learn and be better prepared next time.

To get ahead of the disaster (during Harvey),  I quickly prepared some of the frozen meats in crockpots and on the stove.  I knew if the power went out the meat would not last for long in the freezer.

I guess one could  always drag the grill under the porch while it’s raining and save what is perishing but that wouldn’t work with high winds.  A propane stove might work if the surrounding area was protected.

After the hurricane had passed, I heard  a man on tv saying he  went to the store, after being homebound for 3 days, wanting to buy meat because he was sick of eating sandwiches.  

I, personally, would never tire of mexican sandwiches, aka tacos.   I could build a fire where I could roast my corn tortilla and fill it with grilled spam, mashed beans, or some tolerable canned meat,  or eggs  (powdered might have to do) …and that would make for a happy tummy.    

I had purchased salmon in pouches but my salmon patties  recipe would’ve required eggs and where does one find   powdered eggs anyway?   One could just add mayo and onion to the salmon and make a salad but mayo must be purchased ahead in small individual packets.  

Tuna fish is def not to my liking.  If I was hungry enough , I think I could consume it.  Maybe with onion,  relish,  olives.  Again, the mayo.  I need to order those….

So, what else to survive on?  Maybe some hummus and chips would be an acceptable meal.  Some guacamole and salsa?  YES!   I don’t know how long  cooked beans would last without refrigeration?  I usually avoid anything out of a can but if survival requires it….

Beef jerky…ummm, nope… that would make my TMJ hurt.  Oh,  but it would be absolutely delicious if chopped finely and  stir- fried with eggs to make machacado.   Top with salsa and wow, what a meal! 

This topic brings back memories of my childhood diet when we survived on beans, tortillas, potatoes and corn flakes.  I think I can do that again, as long as there’s salsa to garnish the bean or potato tacos.  And they sell non-perishable milk in  cartons for the cereal.   Potatoes  can be wrapped in foil and thrown in the grill.   Butter lasts a long time without refrigeration.  A potato stuffed with lunchmeat and butter would be better than lunchmeat between two slices of bread.  

 Plenty of fresh and canned produce is a must to buy ahead.  But, what  dip for the hard buds of broccoli or cauliflower so we don’t choke on the dry pieces?  Ah yes,  back to the lil packets of mayo, which can be made flavorful by adding a dash of chili powder and cumin.   If we can find the mayo packets  might as well as get some relish packets, too…for the tuna and for hot dogs if they can be found.  Can Vienna sausage work as a hot dog?  .. a very tiny hot dog!

All this grilling will require much wood or coals.  What a task just hauling or cutting the fuel!   Wait, but can’t  we just  buy cans of  Ensure and skip  cooking?!  wrong!  🙂

One of my offspring endured 24 hours without electricity during Harvey and for her the suffocating heat was the most distressing.   Cooking was the last thing on their mind.  They found  it better to just eat peanut butter out of the jar.  Dipped with apples that just might hit the spot.   

I know we all learned  from the recent disasters and that we are  surely all better prepared for the next wrath of nature.  Do you have any tips to share with me?  




On Prepping For Hurricane Irma~ Getting Out Of Dodge! Get To Safety!

An ecellent preparation plan for emergencies



I been watching the news and the weather channel on Hurricane Irma and they were saying that there are three (3) storms brewing at the same time now and heading for the Florida area. Also there was a massive earth quake Thursday night off the coast of southern Mexico and there are Tsunami warnings for the Pacific coasts of several Central American countries. It seems like since this total solar eclipse there have been nothing but serious happenings. First there’s hurricane Harvey and how it has brought Houston to nothing and now this earthquake while hurricane Irma and the other two that are brewing and on the way to touch down in Florida. I tell you this is so frightening!

Anyway I have opened my doors to family members that live in the Florida area that must evacuate. So my husband and I have been getting the guest room…

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Tortitas de Salmon


This version of salmon patties omits the crackers from a previously posted recipe to make a gluten- free  entrée. 


10 oz salmon (from pouches or can)
3 green onions, diced
3 eggs

Mash the salmon and eggs well with a fork.  Stir in the onions.  Fry in oil (enough oil to lightly cover the bottom of the pan) at med-med/low temperature. 

Fry four at time to make 8 patties.

Garnish with mango relish, mango coconut pepper sauce or your favorite seafood dressing (tartar sauce, sriracha mayo ). 

Serve with rice or quinoa and salad.

~when i was a child growing up on the border of Mexico,  mamá used to make these patties using dried powdered  fish that was packaged in small cellophane bags and which can still be found in local stores.  I didnt think of them as a treat then but  now I can  appreciate her efforts to put some protein in our diet.

White Bean Tostadas



crispy corn tortillas

White northern beans, cooked and mashed with cumin,  in oil/butter.

beef sausage,  heated & sliced

cheese dip

garnishes:  tomato, avocado, salsa, cilantro, peppers, 



Mash beans in oil and/or butter and season with cumin. 

Slather hot beans in a thin layer onto a crispy tortilla. 

 Cover with cheese dip. 

 Garnish with  veggies of your choice.  

Note:    I make these recipes for my family and for their tastes but feel free to substitute the sausage with one of your choice.

my crockpot cheese dip:  2 cups of  2 % cheddar, 2 cups of sautéed  bell peppers & onions, and one  cup of  milk.  Stir well and  heat on low for an hour or half an hour on high.   Stir occasionally.  

Happy Churros Dip


I am calling this “Happy Dip” because it brought smiles to la familia when they dunked into it.   I was happy that I could produce it quickly when I’d bought churros but forgot a dip to go with them.

1/2 cup dark chocolate chips

1 T butter

2 T milk


Place ingredients in a glass bowl.  Stir.  Microwave for 25 seconds.  Stir well and serve with fruit, nuts, or churros.   Dried coconut for garnish would be a yummy extra.




Pineapple Cranberry Cheeseball



8 oz cream cheese

8 oz mascarpone

1 cup shredded cheddar

1 cup orange cranberries

8 oz can crushed pineapple, well drained

walnuts, chopped


To Make:

Combine the mascarpone and cream cheese with a large fork.  

Add the cheddar, berries and drained pineapple.

Refrigerate until it has firmed up. 

Then form into a ball and roll in the nuts.  

Serve with unsalted crackers. 


~~ I made this cheeseball recently for a grieving family and for my brother’s family.  It was a delightful snack for the kids while we played Loteria.   And I hope  to make it again for the holidays. 




Creamy Quik Oatmeal


This hot cereal  provides abundant energy to meet the day’s challenges.  I have learned that cooking it with water makes a creamier dish.


1/2 cup quik oatmeal

1 cup water*

dash of cinnamon

1/2 c milk

1-2 t of sugar



Place oatmeal, water and cinnamon in glass bowl.

(bowl must be at least twice as deep as water level.)

 Microwave for a minute and a half. 

Add milk and sugar.  Stir and enjoy. 


* water must be used.  Milk doesn’t  cook it thoroughly but if milk is preferred, then microwave twice for same amount of time.

Buttery Angel Biscuits

biscuit, angel


2  1/2 c flour     2 t sugar          

 1/2  t soda      1/2 t salt

1/2 c butter       1 pkt yeast         

7/8 c buttermilk 



 Combine flour, sugar, soda and salt.  

Add butter and crumble into the mixture.   

Mix buttermilk with yeast and let sit for 5 min.  Add to mixture.  Knead til dough is well-formed. 

Roll on floured surface, 1 in thick.  cut into desired shape.

Place on greased pan or cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.

Let rise for 30 minutes.  bake at 375 for 15 min.  



Making a Margarita


  How to  Make a Margarita


Rub copa rim with lime wedge

Dip copa into salt

Drop lime wedge into copa

Add ice

Add Tequila and Triple Sec

Pour limonada & Stir

Enjoy every sip ~



Triple Sec can be purchased in alcoholic and non-alcoholic brands.  I used the latter.  I recommend one capful or two.

Cut limes in quarters or eighths.

Tequila brands and types are many.  I used a quality silver tequila.  

A copa is a goblet.