Making Cards on Paint Accessory

I made this at 300 percent  and used gabriola font. 

Then it was ready to print, paste, decorate and mail.


Instructions on using Paint for adding text to images:

  • Save image in computer
  • Open Paint
  • File,  Select Image, Open
  • Click on Image to resize (if needed), Ok
  • Click on A, for Text, on left side
  • Click on lowest box, on left side, to create Opaque
  • Create text box, by dragging cursor
  • Write your text
  • File, Save As

~ to undo at any time, Click on Edit.

~  Right click for text toolbar — to change font/color.

~ Other print info:  5x 7 notes…paper in horizontal/landscape.  Leave a good margin at ends.   

~ Paint is also great for simple recipes, personal notes and gift tags.